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If there was one city in the United States where you would meet the most Adventists it would be Loma Linda. It’s known for its advanced medicine, stellar schooling, and numerous Adventist churches. However, just a mile away from Loma Linda, is one of the most neglected cities in Southern California: San Bernardino. With poor communities, large homeless populations, and high crime rates, this is a place that needs Light.  This is why SECC (Southeast California Conference) GLOW is interested in reaching the unreached. Join us in our challenge of passing out 1/2 a million tracts in just 5 days!  Read the Q and A to learn more about the trip and how to sign up!




1. Q: What is the cost for this mission trip?

A: The average mission trip costs about $2,000. To avoid making finances an issue, we have decided to raise the necessary funds to only require $50 from each missionary. This includes your food, transportation, bags, and GLOW tracts. 

Total:  $50

*NOTE: Missionaries are not allowed to pay any costs until they been accepted.

2. Q: Is there an age requirement?

A: Yes. You must be at least 16 years old, unless you are accompanied by a legal guardian. 

3. Q: Who will be leading this mission trip?

A: Leaders will be seasoned literature ministry leaders from Southeastern California Conference and the Pacific Union.

4. Q: What kind of outreach will we be doing?

A: The goal of this mission trip is to get 1/2 million pieces of literature in San Bernardino. It will involve putting tracts on every home, apartment, and car in the city. In order to reach as many as possible, we will not be knocking on each individual door. (Note: If we have extra time to do this we will, but for now we will allow the tracts alone to do the work).

5. Q: Will we go two by two?

A: Yes. Missionaries will be going out in teams of 7. There will be two people per street—one on each side. When we place missionaries in parking lots and other public venues, they will be in groups of 4.

6. Q: Will we be giving literature directly to people?

A: Yes. We believe that personal contact is always ideal. Thus we will alternate between placing literature in neighborhoods, parking lots, and public venues. Each participant must be willing and able to give literature directly to people even though it might not be for the majority of the time.

7. Q: How will meals work?

A: The trip will be running on a two meal a day schedule. A late breakfast will be in the morning and we will have time for a break for lunch in the afternoon. The conference will provide one vegan/vegetarian meal and lunch will need to be provided on your own. (Note: You may purchase the meal in the field where we are working, or make a sack-lunch). If you need to have more than two meals a day, feel free to bring non-perishable items to snack on or have a light supper with while on the go.  Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements.

8. Q: What tracts will we be using? What titles?

A: For the majority of the trip, we will be distributing different English GLOW tracts. However, when we work in hispanic communities, we will have teams that will be using Spanish GLOW tracts.

9. Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions?

A: Southeastern California Conference GLOW Director, Eric Isaia at SECCGlow@gmail.com or call 951-509-2208.

*Note:  This will be an intense front-line distribution mission trip. You must be physically healthy and able to stand/walk for seven full work days.