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Nyob zoo (hello and welcome)! We hope and pray you will join us on an incredible 2-day mission trip–-to distribute thousands of GLOW tracts for attendees of the 37th Annual July 4th Hmong International Freedom Celebration and Sports Tournament in St. Paul, Minnesota on July 1-2. This mission trip will be intense and challenging mass distribution of literature that will aim to reach out our Hmong brothers and sisters, many whom have never heard of the three angels’ messages. We expect over 50,000 Hmong people from all over the world to gather at this event. Join us and help us share the gospel to this group!


**NOTE: It is free to register for the mission trip, but please expect to pay $10-15 in total for fees associated with tickets to get into the sports tournament.

Your Name:

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Phone Number (xxx-xxx-xxxx):

Reference #1 Name (non-family member):

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Name of church you are currently attending:

Where are you coming from (City, State):

Q: How do I sign up?

A: First, fill in your info in the forms above as well as info for 1 reference (preferably your pastor). References are people that we will contact to learn a little more about you prior to acceptance on the mission trip.  After you have submitted your info in the forms, we will contact you regarding your acceptance.  Once accepted, we’ll inform you about the next step and payments. (For mission trip costs, see question below).

Q: What is the cost for this mission trip?

A: Once accepted, missionary trip fees will cost approximately $15.  The costs include paying a ticket in advance, to avoid spending money on the Sabbath.  Once you sign up, we will contact you to share additional information.  This will include the cost of the tickets to be admitted into the sports field and other miscellaneous fees.

Q: Is there an age requirement?

A: Yes, you must be over 18.  If you are under 18, your parent must sign up and email taravang@gmail.com.

Q: Are there overnight accommodations?

A: No, all missionaries must find their own accommodations for the weekend.

Q: Who will be leading this mission trip?

A: Leaders include former 1 Million GLOW missionaries in partnership with local church members in the Twin Cities who have a burden for reaching the Hmong community in Minnesota.

Q: What kind of outreach will we be doing?

A: The #1 goal of the mission trip is to pass out GLOW to attendees of the sports tournament. GLOW was translated into Hmong less than a year ago.  About a dozen tracts will be handed out, including “Where is God When I’m Hurting”, “Talking With God,” and “Why I Go to Church on Saturday.”

The second goal is to actively engage with the attendees of the sports tournament and get bible study interests.  We will have clip boards and bible interest information for signing people up.  For non-Hmong speaking missionaries, you will be needed to help with interacting with the younger Hmong generation.  The Hmong missionaries will be interacting with the older Hmong speaking generation.

We will be primarily handing out GLOW and talking with people.  We want to peak their interest on spiritual matters and share the love of Christ for them!  If we have extra time and missionaries, we will be placing GLOW on cars in parking lots.

Q: Will we be giving literature directly to people?

A: Yes. We will be in large crowds.  Each participant must be willing and able to give literature directly to people.  There may be opportunities to do cars via parking lots.

Q: Will we be doing anything else like signing people up for Bible studies or praying for people or…?

A: Yes.  Our first and primary goal is to make sure that we distribute tracts.  This will be our only focus until we know that we have some extra time to slow down.  The tracts will enable readers to sign up for studies.  There is a time for everything, and this time is going to be devoted to reaching as many people as quickly as possible–we have only 2 days!

Q: What should I bring?

A: Ideally, we would like for you to wear pants or skirts that go below the knees. The weather is typically hot and humid (but be prepared for anything, including rain). Don’t forget, bring bug spray, sunblock, a hat, umbrella, sun glasses, comfortable shoes to walk in, a sturdy bag/back pack to carry GLOW, and a willing spirit to share and talk to the people, according to the Lord’s leading. A positive attitude and willingness to learn basic greetings in Hmong (provided at the Friday night training) will also go far!

Q: How will meals work?

A: We will provide two meals. On Friday, June 30th, we will have a vespers starting at 6 PM with a meal. The evening of Sabbath, we will provide another meal around 5-6 PM on Sabbath, Saturday, July 1st. Otherwise, we are not providing meals.  Please prepare your own non-perishable foods.  Please keep in mind we will be outside in humid weather.

Q: Will we do anything illegal or will people get mad at us?

A: No. Everything we do will be protected by our proselytization rights under the first amendment.

Q: When will we be trained?

A: Please arrive so that you are at the facilities for our first meeting at 6 PM on Friday, June 30th, 2017.  Details will be sent to you once you sign up!

Q: What tracts will we be using? What titles?

A: Hmong tracts include: Death’s Silent Truth, Hope for Families, Promise of Peace, Steps to Health, Talking With God, Why I Go to Church on Saturday.  English tracts (similar to the Hmong versions) include: Death’s Silent Truth, End of the World, Hope for Families, Steps to Health, Where is God When I’m Hurting, and Why I Go to Church on Saturday.

Q: What is the schedule?

A: Below you’ll find the tentative schedule:

Friday, June 30

6 p.m – Training, location TBD.

Sabbath, July 1

9 a.m. Show up at the sports field / Group Prayer

9:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Outreach

5 p.m. Close/shut down / travel to dinner location.

Sunday, July 2

9 a.m. Show up at the sports field / Group Prayer

9:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Outreach

5 p.m. Close/shut down

Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions?

A: Tara Vang at taravang@gmail.com or 805-291-1615.


*Note:  This will be an intense front-line distribution mission trip. You must be physically healthy and able to stand/walk all day for 2 full days.